Golf in Delhi

Only Golf Course in the world dotted with the monuments of great historical and archeological value. Founded in 1930’s as a municipal golf course and became member’s golf club by 1950’s. Delhi Golf Course was redesigned by Peter Thomson in 1977. It has 27 holes, 18 hole championship holes are known as Lodhi Course and the shorter 9 holes are known as Peacock Course.

Hola Mohalla

A small city of Punjab, Anandpur Sahib, hosts this energetic festival, Hola Mohalla, which comes a day after Holi festival.

During this three-day grand festival, the main attractions are the mock battles, exhibition, religious music, poetry competitions, martial-arts display, incredible colours that Indian festivals are known for, and the most stunning display of bravery and valour by the Nihang warriors. 

Langar is an extremely important part of the festivities, that’s a way of paying obeisance.

Anandpur Sahib is about 1.5 hrs drive from Chandigarh.

Rough & Tumble

Kabaddi, largely unknown outside South Asia, is an ancient Indian sport played on a small court, and informally on any suitable open area.

A very interesting sport - seven players in each team, alternately attempting to “tag” as many members of the opposing team as possible in the space of a single breath with a continuous chant of “kabaddi-kabaddi-kabaddi”, and getting back to his/her own side of the court without being caught. The game can get quite rough, with slaps and kicks in tagging allowed.

With the launch of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2014, Kabaddi has now become a modern sporting enterprise with 200 million viewers in almost 100 countries.

Currently, there are only 12 countries who participate in Kabaddi World Cup including India, the United States, Iran, England, etc. As of now only three tournaments have been contested in which all the cups have been won by India.

Ladakh Polo Festival

A fabulous landscape, amazing people and vibrant culture makes Ladakh a fantastic destination.

The six day Ladakh Polo Festival held every year and the most enthusiastic games can be witnessed in Drass and Chushot village, a pure country life, away from the hustle bustle of the main town.

But, it is in Leh that the game has been institutionalised, where teams compete for the Ladakh Festival Cup during the Ladakh Festival. 

The celebrations begin with a colourful procession joined by various cultural groups from Ladakh, dressed in their traditional attire and ornaments.